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Purebred Arabian mares: Hart Asheera AHR 364456 & Alia Gamil Razele AHR 436527 were inspected and approved by the American Trakehner Association ( for inclusion in the Preliminary Stud Book for producing PUREBRED TRAKEHNER ( warmblood )horses. Alia Gamil Razele had a black grey filly sired by Approved Trakehner stallion Tzigane in 2007. Hart Asheera's Anglo Arabian daughter, MSF Country Lane by King Shamong TB was also approved at the ATA Trakehner Inspection in 2006 along with Alia Gamil Razele's Anglo Arabian daughter, MSF Superstishun, by King Shamong TB. MSF Country Lane had a black bay/ grey filly by the ATA Approved 2005 Horse of the Year stallion, Tzigane while Alia Gamil Razele had a rose grey filly by same Trakehner stallion, Tzigane.
Alia Gamil Razele AHR 436527 - Pyramid Society Egyptian Bred Arabian mare - El Hilal, Ruminaja Ali, *Sammara, + Crabbet (CMK) bloodlines.
Alia Gamil Razele & 2001 AA MSF Superstishun
<Alia Gamil Razele AHR 3436527 ( Royal Ali Hilal x Raquelas Belle) & 2001 MSF Superstishun AA # AA9987 by King Shamong (TB)
ALTAIR MSF (Tzigane x Alia Gamil Razele), double registered-purebred Trakehner & Half Arabian
TZIGANE x ALIA GAMIL RAZELE, branded purebred Trakehner
Double registered Half Arabian & Purebred Trakehner filly
MSF COUNTRY LANE - 2000 Anglo Arabian Grey Mare
King Shamong TB x Hart Asheera
 Anglo Arabian passing Trakehner Inspection
MSF Country Lane was inspected by the American Trakehner Association in 2006. She was bred to the 2005 ATA Horse of the Year, TZIGANE, seen on the American Trakehner website, Her 2007 filly, MSF CINDERINA by Tzigane is offered for sale. MSF CINDERINA is pictured below at the ATA Inspection where she was branded as a purebred Trakehner.
2001 Anglo Arabian Bay Mare
MSF SUPERSTISHUN - Anglo Arabian (50% TB x 50% Arabian)
King Shamong TB x Alia Gamil Razele, above
 pictured with Razele & other Anglo mares
MSF Superstishun passing Trakehner Inspection
MSF Country Lane & MSF Superstishun
MSF Superstishun is a beautiful black bay mare, out of Alia Gamil Razele, shown at the top of this page as a suckling at the Trakehner inspection. Superstishun was inspected for inclusion in their Trakehner Stud book in 2006. She will be retained for our Sport Horse breeding program. Some of her foals will be available for sale sired by Trakehner or Arabian stallions.
FOR SALE -2004 Anglo Arabian mare (75% Arabian)
MSF Road Rullah
FOR SALE -MSF Road Rullah
MSF Roadway(Anglo Arabian) x AJB Faydah (Arabian)
MSF Road Rullah- Anglo Arabian Black Bay Filly. MSF Road Rullah is a classic type Anglo Arabian mare. She has a large dark eye, a deep dished head, straight legs, excellent movement and will produce quality Anglo Arabians. Her dam, AJB Faydah, is a large moving dressage mare. AJB Faydah is a "10" mover. WE REDUCED THE PRICE ON MSF ROAD RULLAH DUE TO A LEG BLEMISH.
AHA Anglo Arabian Sport Horse
FOR SALE -Gamila is hunter or ready to work in endurance
MSF GAMILA - Anglo Arabian
KING SHAMONG TB x IMF Badia Nafila AHR 376858
15.1 hands- Black Bay
Anglo-Arabian, King Shamong(TB) has proven himself in the production of race winners, warmblood & Arab crosses and Sport Horses. He was a race winner for NINE years, retiring sound, and a producer of TB & QH race winners. MSF Gamila is very black bay with no markings. She has elegance for hunter classes, hunt field or go for an endurance career. $4500.
FOR SALE - Anglo Arabian Sport Horse gelding
FOR SALE - Anglo Arabian
MSF ROCKY ROAD, 2006 Anglo Arabian gelding
FOR SALE -BLACK BAY Arab Trakehner x Anglo Arabian gelding, excellent sport horse prospect.
MSF ROCKY ROAD, 2006 Sport Horse gelding
FOR SALE - MSF ABBEY ROAD - 2001 Anglo Arabian Bay Mare
MSF ABBEY ROAD - Anglo Arabian (50% TB x 50% Arabian)
King Shamong TB x Sakhri Star by Apple Hill Amahrani, Arabian
Arabian x TB creates a registered Anglo Arabian according to the AHA. Abbey is a solid boned 14.0H large pony who will be great for Hunter Pony, Pony Club or family trail riding. She is sweet to work around and would be a wonderful child's mare. $4500/REDUCED TILL 9/2011 to $3500 for JUNIOR RIDER.
Arab Trakehner x Anglo Trakehner colts for sale.
MSF ISOLA IMAGINE -2002 Black bay Anglo Trakehner
King Shamong (TB) x Isola Katiana(OSB Trakehner)
Isola Imagine is a lovely and fancy looking black bay Anglo Trakehner mare. Isola Imagine's Trakehner dam, Isola Katiana (Elbiskus x Isola Phoenix), is a daughter of our OSB Trakehner mare, Isola Phoenix. Isola Phoenix (Gracie) moves effortlessly in a floating trot. One of Gracie's full blooded Trakehner daughter's, Isola Katiana, was free jumping over 4' on her own in our ring over PVC pipe balanced on a fence board & jump standard. Our Thoroughbred retired race stallion, KING SHAMONG, is the sire of MSF ISOLA IMAGINE & ISOLA BELA. Write or call for details.
MSF ISOLA BELA 2003 Anglo Trakehner bay mare
Anglo Trakehner Sport Horse
DAM of Isola Bela, ask for current pics
King Shamong (TB) x Isola Covenant(OSB Trakehner)
This large boned filly is a candidate for "A" hunter or Sport Horse Breeding Program for AHA Half Arabian programs. She is being retained for our Anglo Sport Horse program at this time, or will sell one of them, since both dams, Isola Katiana & Isola Covenant, are full sisters bred to our TB Stallion, King Shamong. $18,000
For more information contact us by E Mail: or call
Tom & Lesley Detweiler
17222 Mill Rd
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(717)-349-7252 eastern time

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