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Mountain Spring Farm
Fillies and Mares offered for your consideration

Fillies available for purchase

MSF Enchanted Gal (left), 1997 bay filly with two hind stockings and a front sock, has a beautiful large eyes on a well defined head. Her dam (Eliron Plesketa) is a foundation mare for succesful show breeders and is one of the few daughters of the Russian import *Plesk, having Aswan, Salon and Negatiw up close in her pedigree. Her sire (Salil Ibn Iliad) is one of the rare Asil, Al Khamsa Arabians of Desert and non-Blunt Egyptian sources.
MSF Alia (right), 1997 black bay roan filly with extreme head and teacup muzzle. Her dam (Alia Wafica) is a granddaughter of El Hilal, and Ruminaja Ali, as well as being a double Ansata Abbas Pasha great granddaughter. Her sire (Salil Ibn Iliad) is one of the rare "Sharps" stallions, of which only Salil and another colt trace back in tail female to *Nufoud, bred by King Ibn Saud. Salil also has *Turfa on the dam side, who was bred by King Ibn Saud. Salil is Al Khamsa, Asil and Blue List, giving this filly a lot of desert breeding.
MSF Enchanted Mist (Salil Ibn Iliad x Eliron Plesketa), 1998 dark bay turning grey filly with wide blaze and high rear stockings. Full sister to MSF Enchanted Gal, this filly has the huge eye and high action that her pedigree demands. She has delicate features and a tiny teacup muzzle. She is starting to grey, covering a blanketed bay coat, with a jet black mane.
MSF Habiba
MSF Habiba, 1998. Extremely well balanced and tall rose grey filly with the delicate head of Bint Moniet El Nefous bloodline. Her sire (MSF Sheikh Habib) is a rare Sheykh Obeyd Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa and Asil, tracing in tail female line to the Gleannloch Egyptian import *Soufian. Habiba's dam (AliaGamil Razele) is high percentage Egyptian of El Hilal, Shaikh Al Badi and Ruminaja Ali plus Babson Egyptian and tracing in tail female to Rollicka of the CMK breeding, and to the *Hadba tail female. This filly is definitely an Egyptian Event Show prospect.

Mares available for purchase

MSF Rawa (Kahream x IMF Badia Nafila) 1996 black bay roan Al Khamsa Egyptian mare has the look of her dam and the Hamdaniyah-Simriyah-strain. She is tall and has extremely fluid action like her sire Kahream. She is going well undersaddle both hunter and western. This young mare is very athletic.SOLD
Rhiannon CHF (EA Salute x LD Abba Isis), a Blue List Al Khamsa black grey mare from Babson Egyptian breeding plus the horses imported by Homer Davenport. She has an elegant head and beautiful carriage being a great producer and mother as well as family trail and lesson horse. She has a black grey colt COMET by Ibn Serr Echo (Serr Echo x Masada Bellasabah), and a bay colt MSF Ibn El Sabok by MSF El Sabok (RG Fay Moniet x Hart Asheera). She was bred for 1999 to our black Egyptian stallion Kahream to produce her most fantastic grey colt MSF Dawar yet. Rhiannon is bred to (Salil Ibn Iliad)
for 2000.
IMF Badia Nafila (PRI Gamil Halim x LR Double Bubble), a Blue List Al Khamsa Egyptian mare with tail female to Selma I. She is a black bay and is a rare Hamdaniyah-Simriyah. Nafila produced a bay daughter MSF Rawa MSF Rawa by Kahream as her first Al Khamsa replacement. In 1999 she produced a gorgeous filly for her second replacement within Al Khamsa, MSF Amira, by our Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd stallion MSF Sheikh Habib. We have one daughter by Kahream as an Al Khamsa replacement.
Hart Asheera (Rafeer x Nisrs Asha), a Blue List Al Khamsa Egyptian mare with tail female to Homer Davenport's import *Wadduda. Asheera has been our daughter's horse and has done all kinds of riding activities within 4-H, local shows, 4-H mounted drill team, competitive trail winner, pleasure pairs in western tack as well as hunter or games. She has had two colts, a chestnut gelding MSF El Sabok and MSF Rais, a dapple grey gelding. She is being bred for an Ango-Arabian due in 2000, to our Thoroughbred stallion, King Shamong, a proven race horse.

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