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Mountain Spring Farm
2004 Heirloom Egyptian Al Khamsa Asil Arabian ~ Saqlawi-Jidran of Ibn Sudan strain foal
***SPECIAL SALE*** for serious Egyptian Arabian Enthusiasts - offered for SALE in foal with her 2004 Heirloom Al Khamsa / Asil / Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian foal
CRF JEHAANA is an Heirloom Arabian * Sheykh Obeyd * Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian * Al Khamsa * Asil * Blue List * *Ansata Ibn Halima grandaughter * and a Saqlawiyah -Jidraniyah ( Sudan) tracing to Ghazieh (Abbas Pasha) mares sells in foal to the only EL HILAL son in Heirloom Sheykh Obeyd breeding carrying over 10% Farida blood ( the highest of any Heirloom Arabian).
2004 Straight Egyptian Heirloom Arabian foal
CRF Jehanna ( AK, Asil, SE, SO, HL, BL )
RG Hilacious
El Hilal
*Ansata Ibn Halima
*Bint Nefisaa
Desert Song RSI
Ansata El Salim
Soja RSI
CRF Jehaana
Jubliee Halima
*Ansata Ibn Halima
RG Moniette Salim
RG Sherifa

For more information contact
Tom & Lesley Detweiler
17222 Mill Rd
Spring Run PA, 17262-9708
(717)-349-7252 eastern time

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