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Mountain Spring Farm
Sheykh Obeyd ~ Heirloom ~ Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian ~ Blue List(eligible) ~ Saqlawiyah-Jidraniyah(Sudan) strain
For serious Egyptian Pedigree Enthusiasts CRF JEHAANA AHR 434959 is in foal to FAYDIN, Black Straight Babson Egyptian Al Khamsa Sheykh Obeyd Heirloom stallion for 2005.
CRF JEHAANA AHR 434959 is a RARE *Ansata Ibn Halima grandaughter * and a Saqlawiyah -Jidraniyah ( Sudan) tracing to Ghazieh (AP)
CRF Jehanna AHR 434959
CRF Jehanna
Jubilee Halima
*Ansata Ibn Halima
Nazeer RAS
Halima RAS
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Bint Dahma
RG Moniette Salim
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
*Bint Moniet El Nefous
RG Sherifa
Ansata El Salim

For more information contact
Tom & Lesley Detweiler
17222 Mill Rd
Spring Run PA, 17262-9708
(717)-349-7252 eastern time

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