Bedouin Account of the Hamdani-Simri Arabian strain
excerpted from: Davenport's Arabians - 1973 Homer Davenport
Our Hamdani Simri- Selma (Egypt 1850) Al Khamsa Arabian horses are:
MSF HAMDANI SIMRI (Faydin x IMF Badia Nafila) - TESTED HOMOZYGOUS BLACK STALLION - offered at an IJNTRODUCTORY STUD FEE of $500 in 2008 to a limited amount of mares
see his sire here
MSF SELMA II -  pics soon
HOMOZYGOUS BLACK Straight Babson Egyptian, BW FADL TALI sired the solid black colt, MSF HAMDANI NAKHDA out of MSF NEFERTITI in 2005. He will be tested to see if he is also homozygous for the black gene. Both MSF Nefertiti and MSF Hamdani Nakhda are offered for sale.
IMF BADIA NAFILA AHR 376858 1986 Black Bay mare
MSF RAWA AHR 584766 1996 Black Bay Roan mare, owner WM. L. J. Stroup, NY
MSF AMIRA HABIB AHR 584652 1999 Blood Bay mare, had her 3rd filly, by Straight Babson Egyptian homozygous black stallion, BW FADL TALI. Amira sells with a breeding to BW Fadl Tali.
page 264 ..........." The Gomussa of the Sebaa Anezeh, are the shrewdest horse-breeders of the desert, and are so recognized even by their enemies. They have kept in the largest numbers, specimens of the five families which are called the Khamseh. They also have the choicest of the sixteen other families which are rated equal in point of blood. The Khamseh, according to legend, descend from the five mares which, with other mares of King Solomon, were drinking at a river after a hard battle, when the trumpet blew, calling them back to the conflict. Only five responded to the call. It was these five which founded the five great families........ "
page 266-268 ....." 2- THE SEGLAWI FAMILY. This family descends from four great mares owned by a man of that name. At his death he gave his favorite mare to his favorite brother Jedran, and thus the Seglawi Jedrans are the favorites of the Seglawis. He gave the second mare to his brother Obeyran; the third to Arjebi, and the fourth to El-Abd, meaning the slave. Many writers consider that all four mares were full sisters. The Seglawi- Arjebi are extinct, and of the remaining strain, the Seglawi-Jedran ranks first in the esteem of the Bedouins, while the Seglawi-el-Abd come second. Some years ago Abbas Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, purchased nearly all of the Seglawieh Jedrranieh mares from the Anezeh tribe, paying as high, so they told me, as L3,000 for a single old mare.
3-HAMDANI. The Hamdani's are not common anywhere in the desert, the Shammar being supposed to have the best. They are mostly grays, though very handsome browns and chestnuts are to be found among the Shammar. The only strain of the Hamdani which are counted "Chubby" are the Hamdani Simri, and while the Hamdani Jassel were frequently met by us, they were not considered "Chubby" by the Anezeh. The fastest walking mare I ever saw was a Hamdanieh Simrieh filly that was ridden into the desert by Akmet Haffez. She came originally from the Shammar, and was later purchased by me and brought to America. She was a dark bay four years old. I believe that in a walking contest, with the best walkers that could be found in the country, she would be five miles ahead of them at night. Sheikh Ali, of the Abou Goumese tribe, told me of the name of Hamdani Simri and the reason why the strain was more popular now, and yet rarer than the Seglawieh Jidranieh. He said that once the Anezeh tribe had a great mare, a bay Seglawieh Jedranieh. She was so fast that nothing could catch her. Once, a few weeks before she was to foal, she slipped her hobbles and fled to the open desert. They went after her, but she could not be caught, and finally, when her colt came he was afraid of men and ran away and the mother followed the colt. The tribe offered rewards, but none could catch her. All of the various strains tried, Kehilan after Kehilan, but all failed. In the long run a man named Simri, who owned some horses of the Hamdani breed, came with a big horse with full round belly and offered to catch the mare and colt. The Anezeh laughed at him. The horse had to be beaten to make him even walk fast. But the man insisted to be allowed to try and the second day the horse went better and began to show spirit. Finally the Anezeh took the man to the place where the mare went daily to drink and told him to try his luck. At noon the mare and her colt came and when the latter saw the horse, and the people, he fled. The Hamdani, to the surprise of all, gave quick chase and in four hours the colt was captured and bound. Three hours after, the mare was captured, and from that time the breed was known as the Hamdani Simri, and since that day has been the favorite over the Seglawi Jedran. "
IMF Badia Nafila AHR 376858 ( PRI Gamil Halim x LR Double Bubble) 1986 black bay mare and her female purebred Arabian family trace to *Simawa imported in 1918 by W. R. Brown imported from Crabbet Stud, England who was of Egyptian descent by way of getting the horses from the Abbas Pasha 1854 Heirloom Egyptian Arabian herd. Lady Ann Blunt bought the mare Sobha ( foaled 1879), daughter of Selma I, from the Dispersal sale of Abbas Pasha in Egypt, for her Sheykh Obeyd Stud in Cairo, Egypt. She sent Sobha to England. Sobha had 2 mares and 1 stallion, of which Nafila's family comes from the mare Siwa (1896) by Ahmar, who was fortunate to have 6 foals ( 4 mares). Nafila's family descends from the 5th foal, the mare Sarama, foaled in 1910 by Daoud. Sarama's first foal was in 1915 by Rustem. *Simawa had 9 foals, with the last foal being foaled when she was 25. *Simawa was used in the breeding program of Albert Harris, the first President of the Arabian Horse Club ( 1st Arabian Registry in the USA). Albert Harris bred the mare Koreish by Alcazar, who was foaled in 1935 when *Simawa was 20 years old. This mare Koreish is the line we are following to the present. Koreish had 12 foals by 5 different stallions, having 6 mares & 6 stallions. Our line comes from the daughter Arabesque(1949) by Rouf, whom she was only bred to one time & was a Henry Babson bred Al Khamsa Egyptian stallion. Arabesque was owned by another well known Al Khamsa breeder, Charles Craver, whose interest was breeding the Desertbred Bedouin descended Arabians from the 1906 Bedouin Arabian importation by Homer Davenport. Arabesque had 6 foals for Charles Craver; 5 sired by the Straight Davenport Al Khamsa stallion, Tripoli, her first foal sired by the non Davenport & non Al Khamsa *Raffles bred stallion, Garaff. From the Arabesque line, we have 3 daughters by Tripoli to carry on the Al Khamsa strain. The first daughter, Tizzy, foaled in 1957 is the only female to carry forward our Al Khamsa strain to the current date of 2004. Tizzy had 8 Al Khamsa foals; 2 geldings, 2 stallions, and 4 mares. Tizzy's daughter, LR Double Bubble (1971), was sired by the Al Khamsa stallion, Ar'Ra'ad, who was a Straight Babson Egyptian. LR Double Bubble produced 3 Al Khamsa mares, and one Al Khamsa stallion, with only 2 mares having Al Khamsa progeny to carry the line forward. The first mare, Virginia Deyr produced 2 non Al Khamsa mares, one Al Khamsa gelding and one Al Khamsa stallion, Dube (1989) by Aziza Malachi before going on to greener pastures. Dube, is, as of 2007, one of 6 males in this breeding group, one of them being his son, a 2004 bay colt, out of the 1992 Hamdani Simriyah mare, Faserras Diamond (Ramses-SAR x Fakher El Faserra) that was sold to a new Al Khamsa preservation home in IL. The second daughter, IMF Badia Nafila (1986) by the Al Khamsa Straight Egyptian black stallion, PRI Gamil Halim, brings us to the present bloodlines we are working with on our farm today. The other Tizzy daughter, LR Sweet Pea, by the Straight Babson Egyptian, Ar-Ra'ad, produced 2 stallions, 2 geldings and 2 mares, of which only Fakher El Faserra by the Egyptian EAO import *Fakher El Din, has produced any foals to carry on the Hamdani Simri line. Fakher El Faserra 1983 AHR 283177 (*Fakher El Din x LR Sweet Pea out of Tizzy) has 4 female Al Khamsa Arabian daughters to carry the strain line forward. These are the 1991 mare Sahara QT AHR 476278 by Ramses-SAR; 1992 mare; Faserras Diamond AHR 487385 by Ramses-SAR; Leahanna Carole 1993 AHR 502033 by Sovereign Nazeer; and the 1994 mare, Nellie Deer AHR 513847 by Sovereign Nazeer. Hopefully, there will be a few replacement foals from these mares in the future.
IMF Badia Nafila AHR 376858 has had several Al Khamsa foals, of which 3 are deceased, and therefore never had the opportunity to reproduce for Hamdani Simri replacements. Two surviving Al Khamsa daughters and one granddaughter are now of breeding age, sired by 2 of our Al Khamsa Egyptian stallions, Kahream 1985 AHR 346222(Moss Hill Karim x Sierra Sady) and MSF Sheikh Habib 1993 AHR 503970 (RG Fay Moniet x RG Moniette Salim). MSF Rawa 1996 AHR 584766 produced a female replacement, MSF Nefertiti in 2001, and in turn MSF Nefertiti produced a solid black colt, MSF Hamdani Nakhda AHA 622237 in 2005 by the homozygous black Straight Babson Egyptian Stallion, BW Fadl Tali for her first replacement within her strain.
MSF Amira Habib AHR 584652 (1999) sired by MSF Sheikh Habib AHR 503970, produced 3 replacement fillies. In 2005, she produced a black filly, MSF Selma II AHA 626146, by HOMOZYGOUS BLACK Straight Babson Egyptian, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian stallion, BW Fadl Tali, and a bay homozygous black filly, MSF Hamdani Selima, in 2007. The black filly, MSF Selma II is available for sale as is MSF Amira Habib.
IMF Badia Nafila AHR 376858 had her 10th foal in 2004, MSF Hamdani Simri, a HOMOZYGOUS BLACK COLT, adding BABSON blood as an outcross in the pedigree for future use within any breeding group. Nafila was sold to Pamela Klein, in VA, bred for 2006 to BW Fadl Tali, and had a black filly, MSF Sunday, who was sold to Dorothy Munsee, VA and is again in foal for 2007 to a STRAIGHT Davenport Al Khamsa stallion, Porte CF. Dorothy Munsee then purchased Nafila she had a bay colt, her 12th foal, and a much needed addition of Davenport blood to this group.
We have been blessed with owning a rare Bedouin Arabian horse family that has the capability of being reproductively fertile, athletic, beautifully correct in conformation and also be filly producers. As we look to our retirement years, we must find other interested parties to carry on the family preservation. Sales packages can be put together to ensure the future of this strain family. This has been an extremely healthy, and wonderful Al Khamsa, Asil Arabian horse family to own and breed.
To go back in time for a minute....... Albert Harris also bred "General List" Purebred Arabians as well as part bred Arabians for the U.S. GOVERNMENT for their CAVALRY remount, and *Simawa's most influential son in that program was Katar (out of *Simawa by Gulastra) who sired 15 horses for the Cavalry between 1943, and 1946. The U.S. Goverment bred 173 purebred Arabian horses between 1943 and 1951, beginning with the Hamdani Simri bloodline of Katar, using 8 Katar stallions, and 7 Katar daughters. These U.S. Government bloodlines were incorporated into other "foreign" Arabian blood after WW II when Gen. George S. Patton brought Polish Arabians to the USA. The Hamdani Simri Strain is interlaced in many of today's popular "General List" American Arabian bloodlines, and could be there many times through several crosses to horses bred from the original Hamdaniyah Simriyah females or stallions. The Bedouin Arabian strain name is carried through the females in Al Khamsa Arabians. Because of the lack of concern for survival of the "original Bedouin source" Arabians over the last half century or longer, many Al Khamsa Arabian bloodlines are on the verge of extinction. Fortunately there are Arabian enthusiasts who discover some of these bloodlines before it is too late, and are perhaps able to salvage an old mare for one last try for producing a female replacement to carry on the line. Such is the case with IMF Badia Nafila, and her dam LR Double Bubble, who was given to our daughter, Megan, when the mare was crippled in the front knee, and 23 years old. The added weight of carrying a foal would have proved to be too much for the old mare, but she lived on in retirement until age 26 when she went on to greener pastures. We are fortunate to have had the replacements you see listed here on these pages, and those we hope to produce in the future. Each one has been bred not only for strain replacement but for beauty and quality of the original Bedouin character and Arabian type. Lastly, we have been blessed with the unique black color added by the Straight Babson bloodlines, of Faydin & his son, BW Fadl Tali.
Go to for more information on AL KHAMSA ARABIANS IN AMERICA (only 2-3% of registered American Arabians qualify for this group)
MSF Rawa AHR 584766 1996 black mare (Kahream (Moss Hill Karim x Sierra Sady) x IMF Badia Nafila) SOLD TO WM L.J. STROUP of NY.
MSF Rawa may be available for sale. SHe is a wonderful mare, sound and trained to ride western, hunter or do anything you desire.
MSF Nefertiti 2001 black bay mare (MSF Sheikh Habib x MSF Rawa) sells in foal to HOMOZYGOUS BLACK Straight Egyptian, Straight Babson stallion, BW Fadl Tali. A variety of horses can be put together for a unique and special foundation Al Khamsa program.
MSF Amira Habib AHR 584652 1999 bay mare (MSF Sheikh Habib x IMF Badia Nafila) MSF Amira Habib was shown in 2002 in the IAHA Sport Horse Divsion, always in the ribbons against all mature purebred "General List " Arabian Mare competition as a 3 year old. MSF Amira Habib can be sold in foal to BW Fadl Tali or Rajah of Sabbah. PLEASE LET US PUT A PACKAGE TOGETHER FOR YOU TO START YOUR FANTASTIC ARABIAN BREEDING PROGRAM SAVING SOME BEDOUIN FAMILY OF ARABIANS FROM EXTINCTION. MSF Selma II, black 2005 filly, has correct conformation and is people loving. She may be purchased in a package or sold separately for $10,000.
All horses are Pyramid Society Egyptian Sired and eligible for any Pyramid Society Event classes. We encourage anyone to join us in enjoying the "tent" attitude and beauty of the Bedouin prized mares.
We would love to introduce other people to these special Al Khamsa Arabians, and their offspring. Ask when the next farm tour is scheduled in May or June 2008.
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