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We have recently added a few Black Arabian & Black producing Arabians, including Heirloom Egyptian, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd broodmares to our program. Shown below is El Dahma USA, a black Heirloom, Sheykh Obeyd, Straight Egyptian mare. El Dahma USA is in foal to our rare tail male *SOUFIAN (Alaa El Din x Moniet El Nefous) Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd stallion, MSF Sheikh Habib (RG Fay Moniet x RG Moniette Salim).
El Dahma USA- Bob Langrish photo
We have recently added RAJAH OF SABBAH, an Heirloom Egyptian, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd stallion to our program. Rajah of Sabbah is a full brother to El Dahma USA and will stand at stud to a select few outside mares in 2008 using fresh cooled semen at an INTRODUCTORY FEE plus shipping & collecting expenses. He is a Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd, Heirloom, Blue List stallion, who carries a black gene.
Rajah of Sabbah available for stallion service in 2008
ANNOUNCEMENT: TWO OF OUR ANGLO ARABIAN MARES WERE INSPECTED AND PASSED INTO THE AMERICAN TRAKEHNER ASSOCIATION STUD BOOK FOR PRODUCING PUREBRED TRAKEHNER HORSES! These two mares are our second generation to pass inspection. We have 2 fillies foaled in 2007 that are branded purebred Trakehner, sired by the Level 5 High Jumper Trakehner stallion, TZIGANE. Both of these fillies will be shown in 2008 in USDF Breeder's Series Open In Hand & Arabian/ Half Arabian Sport Horse classes as one is double registered as a Half Arabian. At this time it looks like both will shed their dark coats and be grey. Check back for more details or see our 2008 sales list.
Arabian mare, ALIA GAMIL RAZELE (Royal Ali Hilal x Raquelas Belle) was inspected & passed into the American Trakehner Association Stud book and was bred to TZIGANE & had a gorgeous black/grey filly, ALTAIR in 2007, pictured below. Altair is double registered as Half Arabian and purebred Trakehner, and branded as purebred Trakehner. Alia Gamil Razele will be bred again to TZIGANE for a 2009 Trakehner foal. Please ask to see ALTAIR and consider her if you really want a top show filly.
ALTAIR, PSB Trakehner filly shown at Trakehner Inspection in 2007
TZIGANE, OSB Trakehner stallion showing in Level 5 high Jumping class in 2007, with Helmut Schrantz up
Above: TZIGANE,owned by Kim Hunter, of Twin Gates Farm, TX, and ridden by Helmut Schrantz, IL in his Jumper class which he won in 2007.
MSF COUNTRY LANE had a bay/grey filly, MSF CINDERINA by TZIGANE in May 2007, & is for sale.
MSF CINDERINA (Tzigane TK x MSF Country Lane AA/TK) branded purebred
Anglo Arabian mares after passing American Trakehner Association Inspection with handler David Linn
MSF COUNTRY LANE (KING SHAMONG TB x HART ASHEERA) Anglo Arabian Mare is being bred again for 2009 to TZIGANE (GRADITZ "E" x TEKOA by CONDUS "E") Trakehner 2005 HOY & 5th level high jump stallion.
TZIGANE, OSB Trakehner stallion showing in Level 4 high Jumping class in 2006, with Helmut Schrantz up
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We have several Anglo Arabian, Anglo Arab x Arab Trakhener and Half Arabian foals to offer for anyone interested in showing in Anglo Arabian/ Half Arabian Sport Horse shows or Open Shows in the Breeder's Series USDF/ USEF shows.
2007 BW Fadl Tali
2007 BW Fadl Tali
2007 BW Fadl Tali eventing
2007 BW Fadl Tali eventing
We offer several Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian Stallions, Anglo Arabian stallion, Arab Trakehner Stallion, & others for stud service.

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Faydin, Black Sheykh Obeyd, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Heirloom Al Khamsa Blue List Arabian Stallion ~ Photo credit Diana Johnson ~
FAYDIN has frozen semen(USA & CANADA only)available to select mares.
We also stand Faydin's son, BW Fadl Tali,out of Bint Fadl Starr (Fadl Starr x Princeton Maaroufa by Serr Maariner). Tali has been tested homozygous black, EEaa, with no agouti allele for bay color. BW Fadl Tali is shown competing in Dressage & eventing in 2007 with David Linn.
BW Fadl Tali, age 6 photo Lesley Detweiler
QUEEN OF THE NILE (Raadin Inshalla x Akid Bint Anazeh), a BABSON/ HALIMA/ *TUHOTMOS mare had a lovely chestnut 2006 stallion, MSF SHAAH OF THE NILE (by Faym CMC (by Faydin). Queen is in foal for 2008 to IBN RABDAN USA Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd & Heirloom Egyptian stallion.
Queen of the Nile's colt, MSF Shaah of the Nile - photo Megan Detweiler
LU AIBA OF THE NILE (Inshalla Imhotep x Queen of the Nile), a BABSON/ HALIMA/ *TUHOTMOS Egyptian group Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd & Heirloom Egyptian mare. She is currently doing well in hunter training. LuAiba is in foal for 2008 to IBN RABDAN USA Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd & Heirloom Egyptian stallion.
Lu Aiba of the Nile - photo Lesley Detweiler
Lu Aiba of the Nile - Bob Langrish photo
Please visit our stallion page. Some stallions are offered using On Farm Artificial Insemination, while others have frozen semen (USA & CANADA) or shipped cooled semen available. We will have foals or older stock available from all stallions.

For breeders looking more to the SPORT HORSE arena in Part or Anglo Arabian breeding, we offer the stud service of our Anglo Arabian stallion, Arabian stallions, or our Arab -Trakehner stallion.

Frozen (USA & CANADA) & Shipped Cooled Semen, on farm breeding or Artificial Insemination services.
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